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Bermuda Web Host

When it comes to finding a host for your website, there are a few important factors to consider.   Where is the host located?  Is it cost effective?  Are they using fast, up-to-date equipment?  Do their servers crash all the time?

If you have doubts about your current web-host, may we suggest that you leave your headaches behind.  Our servers have not gone down in over 9 years!  Not one minute of down-time!  Why?  Because we use the newest, high-quality hardware and constantly updated software to ensure smooth performance and… our dedicated server is located in Germany and maintained by Germans.  Find out why German engineering is respected worldwide!

If you want, you can have root access to your domain account!  Check stats, rearrange mail options, create databases or check your raw stats.  Most of our customers don’t want to know about this stuff but, if you want, you can have it!  :)